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Rapid Antibody Test


What Is The Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test? 

This test is a SARS Antigen FIA test that has the ability to generate results within 60 minutes of the patient taking the test. It has a 99+% specificity rate, and a 96.7% sensitivity rating. Rest assured, this test has received an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA. 

With all of the unknowns of this virus and all of the different tests that have surfaced in response to the global pandemic, you might be wondering what an antigen is, and why you should be tested for it. Simply put, an antigen is a toxin, or other foreign substance, that typically ignites an immune response in one’s body. More specifically, it induces the production of antibodies. Now, you’re likely wondering why an antibody test is useful, right? An antibody test is able to detect if a person has been exposed to an infection. In this case, our Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test can help detect if someone has been exposed to the COVID-19 virus, whether they are showing symptoms or not. While some antibody tests can take days or weeks to determine results, our  Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test generally reports results within just 60 minutes! 

How Does The Rapid COVID-19 Antigen Test Work?

Much like the other COVID-19 tests you’ve likely heard about or have experienced, the Rapid COVID-19 Antigen test collects the specimen by a nasal swab. Don’t worry, unlike the tests in the earlier stages of this pandemic where a swab was inserted far into your nasal cavity, this test does not require that. Instead, the cotton swab only needs to be inserted far enough into your nose to where it cannot be seen anymore. Once inserted into the nose, the cotton swab is rotated in a circle around the entire edge of each nostril, completing at least three complete rotations. When the test is complete, it will take around 60 minutes for the results to come back, at which point the patient will be notified via email, with their consent. With every test comes certain risks and benefits. We at Covid Clinic want to make sure our patients are fully aware of both prior to taking the test. 


Potential Risks: 

  • Possible discomfort or other complications that can occur during sample collection


Potential Benefits: 

  • Results can help your healthcare provider make informed recommendations about your care

  • Results may help limit COVID-19 exposure to your family, friends, and community

As mentioned earlier, this COVID-19 Antigen test has an Emergency Use Authorization (EUA) from the FDA, so you can have peace of mind that it is a legitimate, safe test for you to take. 


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