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Typhoid Fever  

Test-it Lateral Flow Rapid Tests (RDTs) for typhoid fever in humans


  • Typhoid fever is caused by the Gram-negative bacterium known as Salmonella enterica serotype Typhi. The clinical presentation of typhoid fever varies from a mild illness with low-grade fever, malaise, and slight dry cough to a severe clinical picture with abdominal discomfort and multiple complications. Laboratory testing is essential because signs and symptoms may resemble those of other major infectious diseases. The Test-it™ Typhoid IgM lateral flow assay provides an indirect measure for infection through the detection of pathogen specific antibodies. Specific IgM antibodies usually develop early in the diseases. The assay is a relatively simple and rapid assay that may be used as a point-of-care test in the field or at the bed-side. It does not require special training, equipment, electricity or refrigeration. Results are obtained in 15 minutes. The assay devices and the running fluid may be stored at +4°C to +28°C.

    Product code: TYP001
    The Test-it™ Typhoid lateral flow device detects disease specific IgM antibodies in human serum or whole blood samples antibodies in humans against Typoid in whole blood or serum.
    Pack size 25 tests per kit.

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